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MATLAB 6.5 Portable [April-2022]

version ? A: It seems that the site is down but, I recommend you to use the following instead: [a,b] = icount('number'); if a>b disp('The number is less') else disp('The number is greater') Ask HN: What Web App is Most Addictive? - serg_v I've been a heavy internet user since I was 12 years old and I spend most of my time reading HN, browsing the web, chatting and gaming. I have recently found that I'm spending more and more time in apps, rather than the web. The apps I use are:1. Game-maker Scratch, by the MIT (really like it).2. Netflix, because it's always on and you can watch what you want, when you want (during boring meetings and free time).3. Reddit and HN.4. Twitter.5. Inbox (although I've been using it less and less).In the past, I've been using the web more and more for work, but that's been the past and I know how much it sucks. I think it's time to give my mind and energy to something that I can't do on the web, like playing games, reading and hanging out with friends and family. What apps do you use and do you think that they're addicting? What web apps do you use and do you think they're addicting? ====== Kequc I use Slack. It's quite addicting, though I haven't really started using it that much to be honest. What I like about Slack is that it provides an ambient background that is necessary to work efficiently. On a web browser, I like to have everything nice and to the side, nice big monitors and a comfortable amount of desk space to work. But as soon as you open up your browser, you're inundated with different things, all demanding attention. Slack becomes an additional monitor, a background process that is extremely useful when I'm working on something important and the browser is just taking up too much space. Slack has that kind of ambient background. It works perfectly if you don't want to work on the web, you want a pure background of work. But if you do want

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